Gift Guide

You would like to make a gift but are not sure about sizing and which style to get?
Firstly, you should put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. What would your loved one like? What would she wear it for? Is she the romantic type and likes laces and bows? Does she wear more dresses and skirts? Or does she like it more simple and practical and wears mostly jeans and t-shirts?
What colours does she wear? Is her wardrobe dark or does she prefer lighter colours? The lingerie should match her wardrobe in lightness.

If you have access to her lingerie drawer while she’s away, check what sizes she is wearing now. Size tags are usually sewn into the garments. Check varies pieces because sizes may differ from style to style. Make a note of the most common sizes in her drawer.
Bra sizes consist of numbers and letters, e.g. 34A, 36D, 38C.
The number is the underbust circumference in inches plus 4 (plus 5 if the value is uneven). For our sizing, you may follow this rule of thumb:
An underbust size of 30 fits a dress size of XS or 8
An underbust size of 32 fits a dress size of S or 10
An underbust size of 34 fits a dress size of M or 12
An underbust size of 36 fits a dress size of L or 14
An underbust size of 38 fits a dress size of XL or 16
The letter in bra sizes represents the relation of the underbust size (2) and the overbust circumference (1), more details here.
For example, if she has an underbust size of 34 and a small bust, she would be a 34A or B. With a medium bust (a handful) and an underbust size of 34, she’d be a 34C or D. If she has a fuller bust, she could be somewhere between 34DD, E, F, FF, G or higher.
Knickers and thongs state sizes in numbers, e.g. 10, 12, 14, 16 or S, M, L, XL. These often match her dress size. Try to find out which shape she prefers: thongs, shorts or hip briefs.
Now, you can lay back and browse our store with confidence. The search window on the start page in the top right may help to find a specific size.
Remember that you can exchange or return the items with no fuss, find details here.
Let us know if you have any questions, we’re here to help.