Fräulein Annie lingerie is made of high quality but sensitive material. High temperatures, rubbing or the wrong detergent would destroy the fibres and the fabric.
Following these tips will ensure that you can enjoy your lingerie for a long time:

Hand wash by letting your laundry soak for about 20 minutes in a sink or bowl. Rinse thoroughly in cold water until the water is clear and without soak residue. Please do not wring, just pat dry if necessary.

Wash lukewarm at about 30°C. Remember that hot water comes out of the tap at 55°C, so the tap should be set significantly colder.

To dry, just hang it dripping wet over your bath or shower tub and it will be fresh to wear the next morning.

Do not machine wash and never ever tumble dry! The circulation and the heat would most certainly destroy your beautiful lingerie and the underwires could possibly destroy your machine, it's not worth the risk.

Use a mild, pH-neutral laundry detergent without softeners. But careful: mild detergents for wool and silk are not suitable because the softeners they contain would break down the elastic fibres and your lingerie would get brittle and stretch out too fast. We'd recommend detergents specially designed for lingerie like
Soak or Teneplus.

To keep the colours fresh longer, wash dark and light colours separately.

When travelling, your lingerie is best kept in a separate bag in your suitcase. Close the bra fasteners so that they cannot get caught on other items.


The elastic fibres of swimwear are extremely stressed by the residues of chlorine and seawater, sweat or cosmetics.
That is why swimsuits and bikinis should be washed briefly by hand in lukewarm water after each wearing. Use a mild detergent without softener because clear water alone would not rinse out the sea and pool water. Again, we recommend a special detergent for synthetic fibres such as Teneplus.

Do not leave your swimwear wet and rolled up in a plastic bag longer than necessary after swimming.

Do not dry in bright sunlight, in a tumble dryer or on a radiator.

Please do not spin, just hang it wet over the bath or shower tub.

Remember, the more loving care you give to your garments, the longer they last.